Stabilized rose. Arrangement SGK33

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Stabilized rose with stabilized greenery in the frame.

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Stabilized roses are live cut roses. The flowers are grown and picked at their most beautiful stage of flowering. The most beautiful flowers are selected. Thanks to special technology, the ageing process of the roses is stopped and stabilized - the roses are "put to sleep". Such roses remain unchanged for up to 3 years and more. The petals and leaves of the flowers are as soft and tender as living flowers. Roses do not need to be watered, dipped in water or irrigated. The flower treatment technology is safe, harmless and complies with European Union standards.

        Sleeping stabilized roses are easy to care for:

- Treat the roses as if they were living flowers, but do not water or irrigate;

- keep the flowers free from water droplets;

- do not keep roses in damp rooms, bathrooms or saunas;

- roses should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods;

- roses are not suited to sudden temperature fluctuations.

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